A wedding

Robert introduced his fiancée to his parents, Bobby and Elizabeth.


Even though it was winter, they decided to get married as soon as possible.

Luckily, the snow had cleared by the time the ceremony started.

snapshotwedding2 snapshotwedding1

Only Brienne and Bobby actually witnessed the wedding.


Robert’s brothers were hanging around the house …


and Elizabeth was busy cleaning!


What a great introduction to the mother-in-law – obviously not happy with the new wife’s cleanliness and during the ceremony!

However, they all eventually had fun as it started to snow again.


Neither Robert or Brittany (now Mrs Broke) have jobs yet.

Brienne gave birth not long after the wedding.  She also had a son, Max.


It wasn’t long before he grew to toddlerhood.



Briefly – the families of the late Dustin and Beau

as I try to catch up…

Jeannie Broke gave birth to a baby girl, calling her Briony.  Bron is the father.  She grew quickly to a toddler.  Dusty, meanwhile, grew to a teenager.




Beau’s family:

Bron’s alien baby, Venus, grew to toddlerhood.  His wife, Daisy Greenwood, decided to have her own baby too.


Two green toddlers


Pippa’s daughter, Elena, had a couple of birthdays – to toddler then to school child.




Renly’s wife, Jules, got pregnant again,


and gave birth to a son, Seth.


Bizarrely, she put the baby down and read to Gina in the snow.


Sadly, Beau never met his one and only grandson.  He died, age 72 before the baby was born.


Sandi died not long after at age 74.


Now only Bobby is left of Skip and Brandi’s children.

General update

Updates are rare, sorry, so instead of one post per family, I’ll update generally for all.

Bobby’s family:

Robert met Brittany Upsnott at university.


He doesn’t seem enamoured of her here, but they got on quite well.  She has quite a nose, reminiscent of Angela Pleasant.

Robert dropped out of uni and got a small house back in Riverblossom Hills.  He invited Brittany over and did the expected thing.


Chip, the youngest brother, headed off to university, waved off by his aunt.


Brad’s son, Rook, grew to school-age and runs everywhere.


Pippa’s daughter, called Elena (named after her paternal grandmother), grew quickly.


She soon had a birthday (and I forgot to take a pic of her as a toddler!)



Beau’s family:

Gina grew to toddlerhood.


Bron had his alien baby and called her Venus.  He has become quite fond of her.


Bron also has a daughter by Duncan’s wife, Jeannie, called Briony.

Beau is a little worried that there will not be a male heir – no grandson with the Broke name yet (Bron changed his name to Greenman, Brad changed his name to Corvus).  He fears he will not live long enough to see one.

As for the McGreggor family, Fiona is doing a bit of “flirting” with Peter Ottomas.  Her son, James, dropped out of uni.


Sheila O’Mackey plays chess with her half-brother, Beau.


The half-alien son of Sheila’s ex, Ashley Pitts, Leafy, has found someone who loves the colour green (and therefore him).



Sorry for the rather boring post.  It’s been a while since I played Riverblossom Hills and this is more of a reminder of who is who for myself.

Beau’s family catch-up

It’s been a while.  I’ve been playing Desiderata Valley lately, so have forgotten myself what’s been happening.

Renly’s wife, Jules (daughter of Gabe O’Mackey) got pregnant shortly after the wedding.  In no time at all she had the baby.



She had a girl they called Gina.

Pippa also had a baby girl, and I’ve forgotten the name.


Meanwhile, Bron, who fathered a black baby with his Plantsim wife, was abducted by aliens.

snapshot_00483461_4072466a snapshot_00483461_80724671 snapshot_00483461_807246ca

I guess he’ll have his own green baby soon.  He’d expected or hoped for a baby with fair hair.  He may soon get his wish…

Jeannie Broke talks to her daughter about space.

Jeannie Broke talks to her daughter about space.


Guess who’s the father…


And yet more weddings

Lots of students are dropping out of uni and returning to Riverblossom Hills.  I mean, why did they make university such a long slog?  You can get enough to pass the exams in half the time they give you – it’s all so tedious.  I digress…

Brienne Broke met a red-haired guy in the dorm but he wasn’t interested in her at all.  Luckily for her (because she likes redheads), a new red-haired student turned up by the name of Stefan Kranos.  She fell in love.

They moved into a little house together and got engaged.


What’s the point of long engagements?  They married pretty much the next day, Brienne inviting friends and family.






The reception was in their humble little house, so it was a bit crowded, many ending up in the bathroom.


Brienne’s brothers above:  Brad, Robert (who should look older but hasn’t moved into a dorm at uni yet), and Chip.

Brienne’s mother, Elizabeth, met her new son-in-law in the bathroom.


The party went off well.

Meanwhile, Gordon McGreggor had also moved back to town.  He got to know a beautiful, and rather posh, woman by the name of Camelia Grayson.  She moved with him.  Gordon hoped to propose to her but she was not an easy catch.  She was not totally in love with him yet.  But it only needed a bit more time.

Then one day, while eating lunch…

snapshot_e05e9628_c05e9629 snapshot_e05e9628_805e9632 snapshot_e05e9628_a05e9647

they became engaged.

Camelia wasn’t impressed with the photographer intruding on their special moment.


Like Brienne, they didn’t wait long to get married.  Camelia had to have the works – red carpet, red roses, white dress, etc, even though it was held in their small home (the house in which Brad and Raven had previously lived).







Aww, isn’t that lovely.  Gordon had decided to take Camelia’s surname so he was now Gordon Grayson (and will probably fall off the blog radar…)

Gordon then went off towards the bubbly to celebrate.  The guests didn’t seem to know what to do.


They then got the message and headed over to join in.


Camelia met Gordon’s cousin, James.  He was a bit pushy, she thought.


Some food and dancing was naturally next.


The bride and groom changed into their going-away clothes for the rest of the evening.

The bride talks with her old friend Stefan, with Sheila and Hamish (pre-elder) looking on.


Camelia definitely does not like James.  They had just had an argument.


Once Hamish’s son, James is married, I think I’ll just blog about the descendants of Brandi and Skip Broke.


Duncan is a home video editor, and doesn’t look to be going any further in his “career” as he has no friends.  Jeannie is a stay-at-home mum. There was recently a fire, which caught from Duncan burning the autumn leaves rather than disposing of them.  He put it out himself, thankfully.


Dusty was oblivious to the potential of becoming an orphan.


She has since grown to school age.


Talking of fires, the McGreggors also had a scare.  It was one of those incidences when lightening struck but the rain stopped.  Hamish’s wife, Fiona, was in real danger.


But, by some miracle, she escaped.



Hamish, his wife, Fiona, and his sister, Sheila, are all now elders with school-age sons.  Sheila’s eldest, Gordon, has left university – more on him soon.  Hamish’s eldest, James, is at university.

The latest goss

Raven should  not really be married.  She’s the flirty type and has had some success with Pippa’s new husband.  She’s already had an affair with him.  However, much to her disgust she fell pregnant, curtailing her search for new lovers.  Not happy with the small house, she demanded Brad find a bigger house so the baby could be in its own room.  They have since moved to a double-storeyed place next door to the Ottomas (no pic yet, sorry).

After Robert moved out of home to head to college, Bobby, Elizabeth, and their youngest, teenage Chip, decided to pack up and move to a flash new house to share with Beau and Sandi (who were empty-nesters).



Bobby talking to his daughter’s fiance outside the new house.   (More on him soon.)


Here’s Chip talking with one of the many plantsims in the area (all Rose Greenman’s offspring).


He looks a bit nervous.  I’m guessing he won’t be marrying a plantsim, unlike his cousin, Bron, who married Rose’s eldest, Daisy.

Bron got Daisy pregnant and she’s recently given birth…

snapshot_00483461_005eabbb snapshot_00483461_405eabc9

He’s quite confused.  But it seems to confirm the theory that Rose’s ancestor was black.  Daisy also doesn’t seem to know how to look after a human baby.



Meanwhile, Daisy’s mother has achieved her want of 10 kids.

snapshot_92637b01_00559579 snapshot_92637b01_205597bb

They’re pretty happy.  The twins, meanwhile, have grown to school age and Jason has been promoted to dread pirate.

More weddings

The Broke kids at uni dropped out and headed back to Riverblossom Hills to get married.

After Renly’s wedding, it was Pippa’s turn to marry Jacob Martin.


At least the guests watched.


The wedding dress was just one on hand, and a little low in the cleavage…


It was a successful wedding and they both managed to catch the limo to the honeymoon.



(The horrible facade has since been changed.)

Brad and Raven also dropped out and bought a little one-bedroomed house away from the rest of the Broke family.  They also had a proper wedding,



although, again, the guests didn’t seem too bothered about watching the ceremony.


Bobby seemed fascinated by Brad’s new wife,



while Elizabeth didn’t trust her.



Could be a woman’s intuition…


A wedding

Renly Broke held a wedding party in his new home, to marry his fiancee, Jules O’Mackey.  He invited family members on both sides.  Instead of coming to watch the actual ceremony, the guests seemed more interested in dancing the shuffle.

snapshot_00444ade_20444b10 snapshot_00444ade_80444b4e

Only after the cake was cut, did they bother going outside to feed themselves.


Pippa hoes in.

Pippa hoes in.

Beau gets a look at Jules' uncle Jason

Beau gets a look at Jules’ uncle Jason

Groom's parents, Beau and Sandi, and bride's father, Gabe, and uncle Jason

Groom’s parents, Beau and Sandi, and bride’s father, Gabe, and uncle Jason

Jules meets the inlaws.

Cake with Renly, Pippa, and Bron

Cake with Renly, Pippa, and Bron

Renly finally introduces his wife to his dad.



Most of the guests are still dancing.


Finally, Sheila looks on with interest at her husband’s now grown-up daughter.




Several Broke kids were at university, getting friendly with other students (as they do).

Pippa (Beau’s daughter) got to know Jacob Martin.


He soon proposed, not making any special effort or anything.


Pippa will find herself living in the large Viejo household.  The two old ladies are dead, leaving only Andrew Martin and his son, Jacob.

Brad Broke (Bobby’s eldest son) met and fell in love with a dark beauty called Raven.



He, too, did the proposal thing.



Seems at least one of them has to be in pyjamas.

Renly, (Beau’s eldest) meanwhile, had returned to Riverblossom HIlls with Jules O’Mackey.  They bought a home and got married (wedding in next post).

Duncan and his wife had a baby girl, calling her Dusty.


Lucky for Lena that she saw her granddaughter before she died, age about 68, I think.